Stream Royal Trux Platinum Tips + Ice Cream

Stream Royal Trux Platinum Tips + Ice Cream

The scuzzy, gnarled ’90s trash-punk duo Royal Trux broke up in 2001, after somehow surviving in the underground long enough to get a major-label deal. Two years ago, they reunited to play the Berserktown II festival in LA, and they’ve played occasional live shows since then. Next week, they’ll release Platinum Tips + Ice Cream, their first album since Pound For Pound in 2000. The album was recorded live at the band’s LA and New York shows, and it makes for an appropriate soundtrack to apocalyptic times. We’ve posted the album version of the band’s 1992 track “Sometimes,” and right now, you can stream the full LP at NPR.

Platinum Tips + Ice Cream is out 6/16 on Drag City.

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