Diplo Opens Up About Eating Boiled Embryos And DJing With Diarrhea

Ahead of Major Lazer’s Bonnaroo set this weekend, Diplo has given an intensely entertaining interview to GQ about his life on the road. Diplo estimates that he takes 320 flights per year. He prefers hotels with no carpet because he can still smell the smoke in the carpet from when smoking in hotels was more prevalent. He prefers to stay in places with a nice gym and a pool big enough to swim laps in. He advises you to never check a bag if you can help it, which, duh. He binge-watches TV series on airplanes: Atlanta he liked, Iron Fist not so much, and Mad Men is his absolute favorite: “I feel like Don Draper is a lot like me, in a lot of ways. Deep down he’s trying to be a good person but it’s almost impossible, ya know?”

The wildest part of the Q&A is when he talks about eating embryos and DJing with the shits:

What’s one of the weirdest meals you’ve had while on the road?
I’ve had baby eggs. They’re a specialty in Manila. You eat the whole egg with the baby in it. But I don’t get too risky while on tour because I don’t want to get sick. The worst thing that can happen on tour is getting sick because then you have cancel shows and rehab yourself. Actually, that’s not the worst thing. The worst thing is DJ-ing with diarrhea.

Have you had diarrhea hit you in the middle of a set before?
Of course! You have to get through it. You’re like in Vegas or something and… whatever. It’s the worst. You just have to concentrate, get it done. I’m a soldier. [laughs]

So if you see Diplo with a funny look on his face during this weekend’s festivities, respect the dedication.