Chris Cornell’s Final Video, Which Depicted Him With A Noose Around His Neck, Removed From YouTube

Chris Cornell hung himself in a Detroit hotel room last month, which cast past material like Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” in a disturbing new light. In hindsight, perhaps the most eerie item was Cornell’s final music video, for his solo track “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart,” in which he portrays a prisoner in an old western town about to be hanged. Director Jessie Hill’s clip depicts Cornell with a noose around his neck as a young boy, portrayed by Cornell’s son Christopher, looks on. Although Cornell’s character eventually avoids execution, the imagery could easily be viewed as retroactively unsettling. So it’s unsurprising that Alternative Nation is reporting that YouTube has deleted the video. It’s true: In our 2015 post about the video — which, you should be warned, features a potentially disturbing photo — the video embed no longer functions.

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