Stream Glue S/T MLP

The Austin, Texas hardcore band Glue have become a beloved underground institution, mostly because of their frantic and chaotic live shows. In the years that they’ve existed, they’ve released barely any music: A 2012 demo, a 2014 EP, a tour-only cassette, and that’s it. But now they’re coming out with their first-ever LP. S/T MLP is a noisy, grimy sprint, with nine tracks in about 17 minutes, and it’s a giddy, roaring rush of a record. The album has all the hectic force of a great DIY punk show, and the band is donating all its proceeds to the sex-worker-aiding nonprofit Lysistrata NYC. You can stream the whole album below.

S/T MLP is out 6/24 on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

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