Paul McCartney Once Hit Eddie Vedder With A Surpriiiiiise Left

Eddie Vedder did a guest DJ set on SiriusXM’s new Beatles channel today, and during the broadcast he recounted a story in which Paul McCartney accidentally punched him in the face. As the Pearl Jam frontman explains it, years ago he was hanging out with McCartney in a Seattle hotel bar. While recalling his own anecdote about hitting another guy, the noted Southpaw mimed a punching motion, impacting Vedder’s face in the process. It apparently left a mark! “I remember tasting a bit of blood,” Vedder said, noting that Macca apologized before continuing his story. “And I remember when it went away,” Vedder remembers, “when the pain subsided and the swelling went down, I kinda missed it.” Hear him tell the tale below.