Shania Twain Confirms Comeback Single During Excitable Hockey Interview

Shania Twain confirmed that her comeback single, “Life’s About to Get Good,” will be out this Friday (6/16) during an interview with Hockey Night In Canada’s Scott Oake. The Supreme-clad Canadian country star was enjoying game five of the Stanley Cup finals in Nashville (where she lives) and was stoked to chat about her first album in 15 years, which is due in August, as well as her infectious love of hockey. “When I came to Nashville, there wasn’t even a hockey team here and then all of a sudden there was hockey and there were just a few spectators here and now look at this,” Twain said, her voice dripping with enthusiasm. “This is a genuine Stanley Cup event, where everyone is just into the spirit of it and I feel really proud.” Amazing. Please watch below.

I want to love anything half as much as Shania Twain loves hockey.

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