Stream Palm Shadow Expert EP

Stream Palm Shadow Expert EP

One of the music industry’s weird quirks is that sometimes records get trapped in limbo. Case in point: Palm’s new Shadow Expert EP was recorded just a month after they released their debut album, Trading Basics, but it’s just getting released now. Shadow Expert already sees them becoming a more complicated and confident band compared to their debut — which led us to name them a Band To Watch — but it’s fun to imagine where they could possibly go from here. And if you’ve seen them live at any point over the last two years, it’s clear they’ve somehow become even better than what’s demonstrated on the six songs here. And these six songs are good, including early singles “Walkie Talkie” and the title track, but this feels like just a stepping stone on the way to something even greater, and that’s an exciting prospect. Stream the EP via The Fader below.

The Shadow Expert EP is out 6/16 via Carpark Records. Pre-order it here.

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