Watch The First Late Night TV Performance Of “Despacito” On Conan

The Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi has been a star in a number of Spanish-speaking countries for since the late ’90s. (Fun fact: Fonsi is a 39-year-old family man who used to be in a pre-NSYNC group with Joey Fatone.) And “Despacito,” Fonsi’s reggaeton ballad with Daddy Yankee, was a massive international phenomenon even before Justin Bieber jumped on a remix and turned it into the first mostly-Spanish American #1 single in decades. But even after the ascendance of “Despacito,” Fonsi had never appeared on American TV before last night.

Fonsi, performing without Bieber or Daddy Yankee, was the musical guest on last night’s episode of Conan. Instead of his collaborators, Fonsi had a troupe of dancers with him. And even though the song sounds weird without Yankee’s exuberant verses, Fonsi is still a beautiful singer, and the song is just great. (Also, given that Bieber can’t remember the words and is a little shit about it, it’s probably better that he wasn’t there.) You can watch Fonsi’s performance here.