Kreator – “Pleasure To Kill” Video

Earlier this year, German thrash kings Kreator came back with Gods Of Violence, their mighty new LP, and it’s one of our favorite albums of the year thus far. As a sort of victory lap, Kreator are also planning to reissue four of their classic-era albums: Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill, Terrible Certainty, and Extreme Aggression. And now they’ve made a brand-new video for “Pleasure To Kill,” the near-feral title track from their 1986 album. For the video, directors Dariusz and Rafal Szermanowicz have essentially restaged an ’80s-style slasher movie, as a madman with a chainsaw and a hockey mask stalks a young woman. The plot twist is that there is no plot twist. Check it out below, via Noisey.

Gods Of Violence is out now on Nuclear Blast. You can pre-order those four reissues here.