No Malice – “Fake News” Video

No Malice – “Fake News” Video

We’ve been hearing murmurs about a Clipse reunion for years, but for now each Thornton brother remains on his solo grind. Pusha T is allegedly almost done with King Push, though it was originally supposed to come out more than a year ago, so who knows? Meanwhile No Malice, who long since disavowed the luxuriant drug-dealer lifestyle that put Clipse on the map in favor of faith in Jesus Christ, has his own long-delayed album in the works. It’s called Let The Dead Bury The Dead, and its advance single “Fake News” demonstrates that he’s still operating at a high level even apart from wordplay about illicit substances and their spoils. And given rap’s recent acceptance of outspoken Christianity, maybe there’s still room in the mainstream for No Malice after all. Watch the track’s new video below.

No one knows the day nor the hour, but Let The Dead Bury The Dead is coming soon via REinvision Records.

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