Aaron Roche – “Like Why I”

Aaron Roche – “Like Why I”

Aaron Roche is a guitarist who’s played with people like Flock Of Dimes, Sufjan Stevens, R. Stevie Moore, Lower Dens, and ANOHNI, but “Like Why I,” the first song we’re hearing from his upcoming solo album HaHa HuHu, doesn’t have any guitar on it. Instead, it’s a spellbinding hymn, six minutes of incantatory vocal phrases repeating atop a rising and falling tide of noise and subtly glitchy percussion. Its accompanying music video, directed by Rebekka B. Björnsdóttir, is similarly magical, a reverse slow-motion document of Roche walking and leaping and somersaulting around the beach. Fall under its spell below.

HaHa HuHu is out soon on figureight.

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