Suno Deko – “Swan Song” Video

Never again shall I doubt the capacity of an Apple product to capture grace and beauty. Filmed on his iPhone, the music video for Suno Deko’s “Swan Song” is a whirl of untamed bliss. While filming in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, David Courtright danced among the flowers with collaborator Erik Thurmond. Fitting the song’s title, Courtright also met a new friend in the process — a swan that he named Steve. “Swan Song,” is a vulnerable reflection of love, and it will be included on Courtright’s forthcoming self-titled debut album. The track features Zach Tetreault on trumpet and vocals from Hundred Waters’ Nicole Miglis as well as Jake Falby on the strings, who is also featured on Julie Byrne’s recent album Not Even Happiness. Courtright shares with us the weighted inspiration behind his new single:

I wanted to use [this song as a way] to explore male affection and friendship, but also as a way to glorify the beauty of spring in the context of a very homo landscape. The song itself is about letting go of notions of “true love,” i.e. that which is sold to us in movies and magazines, and coming to terms with the fact that love is a conversation, a process, a journey, and at no point does one simply “fall in love and the rest is history.” Love takes work, and patience, and involves hurt, and grief. So I wanted to honor that with flowers and sunshine and some gay-ass dance moves.

Listen and watch “Swan Song” below.

Suno Deko is out this fall.

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