Kodak Black – “First Day Out” Video

Last week, the troubled teenage Florida rapper Kodak Black was released from jail after serving three months for probation violation. Kodak, who still faces some very serious charges, has just come out with a new song called “First Day Out,” the latest in a growing tradition of songs that rappers record immediately after returning from prison. On the track, Kodak raps about hiding drugs in his cell and about celebrating upon his return. And the song’s video captures the moment that Kodak, who will be on house arrest for the next year, walked back into his home. While Kodak may have done some very bad things and will have to answer for them, there’s still some joy in seeing him reunited with friends and family. There’s one scene where he and his son are perched on the hood of an expensive car, with doves flying out behind them. And there’s another grisly scene of a visit to the dentist. Check it out below.

Kodak’s album Painting Pictures is out now on Atlantic.

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