Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Today’s Shut Up, Dude comes to you from Firefly Music Festival.

Your best and worst comments of the week are below.


#10  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:30 | Jun 11th

The purity pissing contests of various corners of lefty Twitter are one of the major reasons I don’t participate in it.

My God, people. Of all the problems affecting black women, you choose to focus on the fact that a flailing white pop star chose a black man to talk to about her history of cultural insensitivity?

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#9  jazzyvibezzz
Score:30 | Jun 13th

he doesn’t like the lyrics from the new katy perry album, and is contrasting them with some of his own lyrics, which he seems to be stating received some degree of scrutiny in the past

he is also comparing their mutual religious upbringing (presumably as a source of lyrical inspiration, tho I cannot confirm as I have 1000% not listened to the katy perry record)

cmon gum

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#8  theyachtmaster
Score:31 | Jun 14th

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#7  blochead
Score:31 | Jun 13th

In a post LCD Soundsystem break-up world a month feels about right.

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#6  graduation
Score:38 | Jun 9th

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” -Socrates.

or Katy Perry. I can’t remember.

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#5  tubbyraincloud
Score:42 | Jun 11th

This has been quite the emotional rollercoaster for something I’m never going to listen to.

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#4  Peter Gunz Sr. Esq.
Score:44 | Jun 9th

There should be a special Stereogum one day sale for only $3.11

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#3  dg15
Score:45 | Jun 9th

i really don’t understand why people keep expecting and getting disappointed when artists don’t speak on the state of the world in their music. that was one of the confusing complaints I read on DAMN (that it wasn’t the follow up to TPAB that we needed right now). To me, that just comes off as super selfish and near sited. If an artist wants to make an obtuse piece of music about the inner workings of their pysche, I don’t understand why not providing “reassurance” is a viable complaint. To each their own I guess. Anywho. This is easily one of the best albums of the year for me. I’d say DAMN and Near to the Wild Heart of Life are ahead.

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#2  danny tanner
Score:54 | Jun 9th

Or it’s just an awesome joke.

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Robin Pecknold
Score:71 | Jun 9th


Sorry the record didn’t do it for you. I clearly didn’t do a very good job of setting this record up for people in advance, partly because I’d consider too much blogosphere-facing narrative control to be pageant-ish, and partly because I wanted listeners to come to it without too many preconceived notions as to what exactly it was. That said, I obviously let the “successful band dude goes to college” thing metastasize into a louder storyline than it should have been, by virtue of there being nothing else provided to frame the album around. Truthfully, my short time at college didn’t have much to do with this album. All the arcane lyrics you mention (which are really only found on three imagistic songs) were written before I went back to school. I picked up a couple music theory tricks that helped with arrangements, but most of the brainstorming as to what this record would be was done in 2013, including the title, and college mostly just served to delay its making and release.

Also. Speaking as a Straight White Male music listener, I’d say, generally speaking, that the Straight White Male is the last voice of “cultural relevance” that I’m actively looking to, or sympathetic to, in this particular cultural moment. Just, who cares, you know? This obviously creates a problem for the Straight White Male artist who still desires to make relevant art – do you attempt to gentrify the landscape, White Savior yourself, and demand through inference or testimony that your voice is that of a leader for these times, when your phenotype is culturally inert if not malignant, and that even presuming to have something genuinely important to add is arguably an invocation of privilege? This approach seems like a fool’s errand to me. I instead mostly took the tack that I was using my particular set of cultivated talents to make a Use Object, something useful, a balm, something experientially or aesthetically moving, a reprieve. If you think I should be trying to muscle my way into a position of cultural relevance that I don’t deserve, in a culture that is currently filled with far more interesting and sympathetic perspectives than that of the Straight White Male, then I can’t really help you, because I am a little too self aware to have tried to do that. I can still comfortably and with a clear conscience make music that is beautiful and useful to people who are receptive, but I don’t do so from a sage-like position at all. You obviously care enough about music to place musicians in positions of veneration, and I do too, but I’m sooner doing so with Frank and Kendrick and Solange at the moment than I am with any straight white male artist currently in the landscape, and obviously (duh) I’m not alone in that, as they are enormously successful, beloved, and influential artists.

That said, this record is more present-aware than you’re giving it credit for, it’s just more from the perspective of an observer, or participant, than it is from that of one sent from on high. “Cassius” is explicitly about participating in protests following the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile last summer, as well as the death of Muhammad Ali. “If You Need To, Keep Time On Me” and “Crack-Up” are about post-election confusion and anxiety, alternative facts, as are portions of “Third of May” and “I Should See Memphis” – how are references to the American Civil War not also relevant to 2017, and how is an album title like “Crack-Up” not obviously a reference to our current political climate as much as it is a reference to any personal psychology? If some of the lyrics are more imagistic than explicit, they’re still more engaged in the present world than anything on our first album, where the lyrics were just pure RPG fantasy, and they are at least more graceful than “If I had an orchard, I’d work till I’m sore.”

It always confuses me to read reviews that focus on biographical details and lyrics. In the taxonomy of concerns relating to music, biography and lyrics are the two I personally find least interesting, as both a listener and as an artist. I’m most moved by and interested in chords, melody, dynamics, structure, texture, arrangement, flow, scale, invention, instrumentation, mood, contrast, depiction, et cetera. If the things that excited me in the making of this record didn’t do anything for you in the listening, I completely accept that. But I’ll say in conclusion that recording this album was the first time in my creative life that I really felt in control, and like I was making something very closely aligned with my values and my own listening predilections, that I couldn’t write off to myself as pastiche, trend-hopping, genre exercise, or a bald-faced attempt to crack 9.0 on Pitchfork. Buoyed by this feeling, I would often then have the competing thought that this self-assurance was a bad sign, as the insecurity and desire to please others that often guided me in making music before had also payed off in the pleasing of the arbiters of the blogosphere. It was a gamble then, and I lost that gamble with you, Tom, but thanks for listening and giving it a chance in the first place.

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#5  spaceman1492
Score:-14 | Jun 10th

The easiest way to get Robin Peckold to comment on anything is to talk anything negative about his work. I will bet money you don’t complain when your equivocal lyrics and production choices lead other reviewers to a different conclusion than the one you intended, as long as it is a positive conclusion that is.

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#4  danjchi
Score:-14 | Jun 9th

This is such a bad year for music (apart from King Kendrick).

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#3  butterflysoup
Score:-14 | Jun 13th

I don’t find this story cute at all (onion rings make me wanna barf) & lorde has lost 10 points on the melodrama anticipation scale for me.

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#2  sandro
Score:-15 | Jun 9th

You’re acting like internet bullies, stereogum. 🙁 you’re better than this

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#1  SleepyPizza
Score:-16 | Jun 9th

Wow, this is like, kind of messed up right?

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  gobias somecoffee
Score:1 | Jun 13th

Charli is L-I-V-I-N

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