Jack White Talks Third Man Pressing In Popular Mechanics Cover Story

Jack White doesn’t do a whole lot of print interviews these days. But one magazine did manage to get some pretty good access to White for a recent cover story, and it’s not a music magazine. It’s Popular Mechanics. And in the cover story of its latest issue, Popular Mechanics takes a long, fascinated look at White’s vinyl-pressing business, going to White’s Detroit hometown to look at the Third Man record store and pressing plant that White opened earlier this year.

It makes sense that Popular Mechanics would be interested in White’s embrace in technology that White doesn’t see as anachronistic. After all, White is getting into nuts-and-bolts craftsmanship, and he respects that machinery as much as anyone in the music industry. Here’s something he says about vinyl in the article:

I think a lot of people think, oh, you’re a Luddite, or you live in the past, or this is nostalgia or golden-age thinking, all that. I disagree. I like to take what’s beautiful about what’s already been proven — what works — and ask, how can we marriage that with what’s happening right now? And what can we do with that tomorrow?

If you’ve been following White’s career for a long time, a quote like that one is nothing new; he’s been saying similar things for at least 15 years. But it’s still cool to see how a magazine like Popular Mechanics takes in what he’s saying. And there are also some great vignettes from the Third Man opening party, as well as some great photos of the facility. Check it out here.

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