Jeff Rosenstock – “NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN!!!” & “She’s Got You” (Patsy Cline Cover)

Last year, the hard-yelping, adventurous Long Island pop-punk auteur Jeff Rosenstock released his towering opus WORRY., and he’s stayed busy ever since. Earlier this spring, he shared “Dramamine,” the only surviving song from an entire new album that he’d written, which he lost when someone broke into his tour van. And now he’s shared two new songs that he’s recorded for a new split 7″ that also features three songs from the South Korean ska band Skasucks. (In related news, there is an apparently very popular South Korean ska band called Skasucks, and I feel like my life is richer for knowing this.)

The first of Rosenstock’s new songs is a fast-hurtling original called “NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN!!!,” which Rosenstock says he recorded in February “while the van was getting fixed.” The second is a punked-up cover of Patsy Cline’s glorious 1962 country classic “She’s Got You.” I really like Rosenstock’s take on “She’s Got You.” Below, listen to both songs and read what Rosenstock has written about them.

Rosenstock writes:

“NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN!!!” was (mostly) written in total isolation in a double wide trailer in the Catskill mountains. The trailer belongs to my friends Kara and Pete who were kind enough to let me hole up there for a week in the dead of winter 2017 and work on some songs. It was very nice. Thank you both.

“She’s Got You” was written by Hank Cochran and originally recorded by Patsy Cline and Wikipedia says this, “Hank Cochran remembers calling Cline and telling her that he’d just written her next number 1 hit. She told him to come over to her house with a bottle of liquor and play it on the guitar for her and friend Dottie West who was visiting that afternoon. Cline was emotionally moved by its lyrics and loved the song so much that she learned it that night, calling up her manager and producer to sing it to them over the phone.”

Also thanks to Christine Mackie for getting the van fixed, Dan P. for teaching us patience with the van, The Menzingers Fam, Rozwell Kid and Mr. Smalls for not being mad that recording this made us late to the first day of tour, Chris, Jack, Josh, Patsy and of course you, YOU’RE THE REAL STAR!!!

You can pay what you want to download those two Rosenstock songs or order the 7″ at Bandcamp.