Chad VanGaalen – “Old Heads”

“Who is the operator keeping all my cells together,” Chad VanGaalen asks on the chorus of his new single “Old Heads.” It’s a valid existentially phrased question. Is VanGaalen referring to a literal phone operator connecting cell phones or does he mean anatomical cells? Either way, his single “Old Heads” is burdened by the anxious thought: Who really has control? These are all good questions that VanGaalen ponders amongst twangy guitars, bursting drums, and a slight echo.

“Old Heads” comes from his next album Light Information. VanGaalen explains that the forthcoming album is fueled by the hyperawareness of parenthood. “Being a parent has given me a sort of alternate perspective, worrying about exposure to a new type of consciousness that’s happening through the internet,” he says. “I didn’t have that growing up, and I’m maybe trying to preserve a little bit of that selfishly for my kids.” Listen to “Old Heads” below.

Light Information is out 9/8 on Sub Pop.