Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Have a gr8 weekend.


#10  Grandpa Fred
Score:26 | Jun 19th

To be fair, they don’t throw up in their masks EVERY night.

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#9  blochead
Score:26 | Jun 19th

I’m flummoxed on what position to take here.

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#8  LeMonjello
Score:27 | Jun 21st

“[pause] No. I know of them, I like what I’ve heard, but that’s the first I’ve heard of any kind of connection.” BUULLLLLSHHHHHIIITT! he knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s scared to death that we’ve figured the whole thing out

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#7  Scott Lapatine
Score:27 | Jun 21st

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#6  inthedeadofknight
Score:28 | Jun 16th

“First Day of My Life” was my ex and I’s “song”, we were together 2008-2012. I’ve never been one to let a female ruin a good song for me, except in this case, where I haven’t listened to it since we broke up. I just can’t do it man! I’ve walked out of a couple places because it was on. I don’t appreciate Young Thug trying to slip it in under the radar with a different name.

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#5  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:31 | Jun 19th

“NOT CLICKHOLE” really is the best way to start an article.

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#4  miss_merboy
Score:32 | Jun 17th

“(Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Prod. SOPHIE & Flume)”

song of the year

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#3  el goodo
Score:35 | Jun 16th

ADHD, Arcade Fire, and Why I Love All of You

Hey, ‘Gummers. I apologize in advance for the meandering, discursive post:

Last March, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I had entered therapy a year earlier (when I retired from Stereogum) for what I thought was anxiety and was lucky enough to meet an intake clinician who really listened and caught it almost immediately. The good news was it helped me gain a better understanding of how my brain works and what to do to compensate for it. The bad news was I only had just begun my long, demoralizing slog through the mental health care system.

Any of you who is in or has been through the system knows what a nightmare it can be: long wait times for appointments, practices that either aren’t taking on new patients or don’t accept your health insurance (or, in some cases, any insurance), waiting for callbacks that never come, therapists coming and going, wondering how much to disclose when your supervisor asks you for a doctor’s note–the list goes on. And it really sucks being someone with ADHD in 2017 when the disorder has been a byword for misdiagnosis/overmedication for at least 20 years. (I’m sure anyone with bipolar disorder or OCD knows what I’m talking about.)

That brings me to Arcade Fire’s “Creature Comfort”. I don’t know for sure why they referenced methylphenidate in their promo material, but I’m guessing it’s some kind #2deep4u commentary on overstimulation, instant gratification, “prescription drugs, maaaaaan,” and the fear that technology/society is making our attention spans shorter and our impulse control weaker. No matter what their reason, I’m not offended. I’m not “one of those” and never get indignant or correct someone for making a harmless “lol – I feel so ADD today” comment. They aren’t responsible for creating or contributing to the stigma surrounding the disorder. If anything, their attitude just reflects (reflekts?) society’s. They’re great artists and have the right to say whatever they want however they want in their art.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that ADHD is real (“We Exist”?), that it’s different for everyone who has it, and that, for some of us, medication such as ritalin can be a big help. It helps us remember to pay our bills on time. It helps us meet deadlines at work. It helps us focus while driving and avoid getting into another accident. It helps us remember when and where our best friend is running that marathon next weekend, so they won’t be disappointed when no one’s there to cheer them on at the finish line like last time when we forgot. It helps us be reliable and consistent parents, friends, students, co-workers and employees.

Lastly and most importantly: Speaking of people I care about, I want to say thank you to all the ‘Gummers. Although I don’t comment much anymore, I still read Stereogum religiously and always read every comment, even when I don’t care about the subject of the article. I keep up with all the in-jokes and 311 conspiracies. You guys help keep me sane, and I think of you all as my friends.

To RJ, bloc, Dad, dansolo, cheap_suit, YBB, meat, LeMon, Max, aj, scruffy, saturnian, padfoot, crania, knight, all the staff writers, and everyone else here at the ‘Gum, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you. I love you guys.

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#2  LeMonjello
Score:41 | Jun 19th

“I can’t think of another band that’s as diverse as we are. I can’t.”
Well there’s your problem.

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#1  raptor jesus
Score:65 | Jun 21st

Posted at 3:11pm??? Hmmm…

First off, thank you Scott for reaching out, offering this opportunity and making this a reality. Here I thought I was banned from doing Stereogum content after the Coachella debacle of 2012. Extremely thankful I am not! Thank you Gabriela & Mikey Nels for assisting Scott & myself with making this interview happen and making it look good in its final form.

I know I was confused on whether or not I had thanked him, still am, so let me do it now. Thank you again to Nick Hexum for talking to me while driving his car. He was extremely sincere and genuine the entire time. You have to give it up for someone that’s been in such a big band for so long to still be able to run with something like this. When he picked up on what I was doing with the band puns, my smile couldn’t have been bigger. So thank you Nick, and thank you 311.

Last, but most certainly not least, thank you dad-dad-don-ta-tas for quite literally planting the comment-seed four years ago that grew into this flower-interview. Thank you d-tits for writing the opening paragraph to this article. Thank you donald-tila-tequila for pointing out those revealing observations in the 311 press photo. Thank you don-don for being a truth warrior, leading the rest of us on the front lines.

If only dad were here to see us now.


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#5  wilcoisokay
Score:-8 | Jun 20th

I know, I know, but can we please take a moment to unravel Ice T’s name for him in his contacts? How many other Prodogy’s could he have in his phone?

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#4  marko
Score:-9 | Jun 16th

Well you’re wrong.

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#3  wg
Score:-11 | Jun 20th

Dude rhymed like he was gonna eat your children, but ended up choking on an egg.
Awkward way to go out.

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#2  SeanyB28
Score:-12 | Jun 20th

This article is puke in a mask. The writer needs to be fired. Slipknot is one of the most intricate group of musicians ever, period, and Corey Taylor’s range is unreal. Chad Kroeger is married to Avril Lavigne and are known as being the biggest douchebags in D list Hollywood. Nuff said.

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#1  roland1824
Score:-16 | Jun 16th

Who ever is scripting this character really is having a laugh on us.

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Score:13 | Jun 21st

Back when Sufjan’s Age of Adz had just come out I was standing in line at the venue and overheard a girl behind me say: “Yeah this new album is pretty different but I like it a lot, kinda sounds like Owl City”

A few minutes later Sufjan himself rode by on a bicycle and looked directly at us. It’s as if he overheard the comment and just wanted to say, “Seriously?”

This seriously happened, outside The Tabernacle in Atlanta. It’s one of my favorite stories but I rarely find an opportunity to tell it because I keep forgetting Owl City existed.

Posted in: Owl City Finally Explains His Bizarre “Fireflies” Lyric, In Great Detail

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