Preview Lana Del Rey’s New Song “Cherry” And Her Interview With Stevie Nicks

Lana Del Rey is the subject of a new V Magazine cover story in which she’s interviewed by her fellow icon Stevie Nicks, who guests on her new unreleased song “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” Although the interview is only available in print so far, NME and The Los Angeles Times transcribed some quotes.

From Nicks, we get, “We’re the ones that are here to lighten, to lighten life, to light the lanterns and the little fairy lights, and try to keep people going. We have to have hope. We have to believe this will all end up OK and that we’ll all end up OK. Because if we don’t do it, then who the hell is gonna do it?” There are similar sentiments from Del Rey, who tells Nicks, “Regardless of where someone is at personally, the current landscape jolts you into being present, if you’re not crazy. If you’re a normal person, you’re suddenly aware and watching everything.” Del Rey adds that she’s “lucky to be able to speak my mind through music right in the present moment.”

The quotes are in line with Del Rey’s previous suggestion that Lust For Life will be “more socially aware” than her previous work, you’ll have to pick up the issue to find out if her remarks expand into something more than vague platitudes.

V also uploaded a preview of “Cherry,” a new song Del Rey recently debuted in concert. It’s the latest new Del Rey recording to be teased on Instagram following her A$AP Rocky/Playboi Carti collab and “Change,” and you can hear it below.

Lust For Life is out 7/21 on Polydor/Interscope.