The House Director, Stars Shade Mariah Carey Over Failed Cameo

The Elusive Chanteuse is so elusive that you won’t be able to see her in The House. Mariah Carey was supposed to make a cameo in the upcoming Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler movie, but even though her scene was filmed, it ended up getting cut, due in no small part to Mariah Carey herself. “The funniest bits stay in the movie. We did not include her in the movie,” writer/director Andrew Jay Cohen told Cohen told Reuters at the film’s red-carpet premiere on Monday.

And the shade doesn’t stop there! “There were suggestions that weren’t executed,” Will Ferrell said during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers last week. “She was on our set and, um, things happened. Things happened and didn’t happen.” Comedian Rob Huebel, who also has a role in the film, was a little more forthcoming with details during a recent interview with SiriusXM, revealing that Mariah Carey showed up four hours late to the shoot, demanded white roses in her trailer, and refused to sing the song the producers hired her to song. So basically, they all hate her.

Stay elusive, Mariah!