Baby! – “Weather Girl”

Baby! is the emphatically-named project of Boston-via-Orlando musician Kaley Honeycutt, and just a couple months ago she released her debut EP, Pick Me, which will be followed up later this summer with her first full-length. It’s called Sunny, F.L., an apt title considering the easy-going but fantastical emotions that she evokes with her music. “Weather Girl,” the album’s lead single, passes by like a breeze as Honeycutt offers up some stability — “I’ll always be your weather girl/ I’ll always be your sunny girl” — but undercuts that happiness with bittersweet melodies and an acknowledgement that no one can be sure of the future: “We don’t know what’s gonna happen,” she sings towards the song’s end.

“Weather girl was a nick name I got for always telling my friend who lived up north how warm it was in Florida last summer,” Honeycutt explains. “I would always send those snapchats with the temperature filter. I think this song captures how happy and carefree I was feeling then. I had just quit a really stable full time job and started doing more freelance art stuff, booking shows, and playing out as Baby!” Listen below.

01 “Weather Girl”
02 “If I’m Sorry”
03 “Still There”
04 “New Smyrna”
05 “Cold Tides”
06 “Bite My Tongue”
07 “Sunny, F.L.”
08 “Getting Out”

Tour Dates:
08/01 Providence, RI @ Space Cloud
08/02 Brooklyn, NY @ The Silent Barn
08/03 Philadelphia, PA @ Planet Phitness
08/05 Richmond, VA @ Cafe Astrology
08/07 Boston, MA @ Charlie’s Kitchen
08/12 Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville

Sunny, F.L. is out 8/25 via Yellow K Records.

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