Future Shares His Reference Track For Rihanna’s “Nothing Is Promised”

Earlier this year, Rihanna sang on “Nothing Is Promised,” a single from the hitmaking Atlanta rap producer Mike Will Made-It. Future is credited as one of the song’s writers, alongside Rihanna, Mike Will, and co-producer Pluss. Last night, Future’s reference track for the song — his demo version of what Rihanna would end up singing on the track — leaked online. This morning, Future went ahead and posted it on his YouTube. And it sure sounds like Future wrote the whole song! Future’s reference track sounds very much like a Future track, and it makes it obvious, if it wasn’t already, that Rihanna is pretty much just singing a Future song on “Nothing Is Promised.” Check out Future’s reference track and the final version below.

Mike Will’s album Ransom 2, which includes “Nothing Is Promised,” is out now on Ear Drummers/Interscope.