Corey Feldman Knocked Out His Own Tooth During A Concert But Found It And Finished The Show

Corey Feldman is still very much doing music; you may remember the very memorable way he does it from his two thoroughly bizarre Today Show performances last fall. Feldman is currently in the midst of his “Angelic 2 the U.S.” summer tour, which is slated to last until early August, supporting his partially-Indiegogo-funded album Angelic 2 The Core, which came out last summer.

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Last night at a Milwaukee show, Feldman delivered the goods on-stage with a little too much vim and vigor, bashing his mouth against his mic hard enough to knock one of his teeth out. From the video that TMZ and The Milwaukee Record posted, the hit doesn’t even look that hard, but it caused Feldman to double over in pain. His band, The Angels Heavenly (or just The Angels), kept rocking as he ran off-stage.

Then later, the show completely derailed as he appeared to search the stage for his missing tooth with some of his team. When asked “Is everything okay?” by an audience member, Feldman said “Not really!” and explained what had happened. A fan in the front row found it eventually, and then Feldman retired backstage again to attempt to “fix” his problem (unclear how he intended to do that). According to attendees, he managed to finish out the show. No word yet on whether this will affect future Feldman tour dates.

Watch video of the incident below.

This article originally appeared on Spin.