Watch Cloud Nothings Turn Coldplay’s “Clocks” Into A Godawful Racket

Coldplay’s 2002 piano-anthem “Clocks” is probably the best song that band has ever released, a swooping and soaring and elegiac arena-wail that uses house-music sonics without ever becoming house music. So naturally, Cloud Nothings have turned the song into a pile of rusty, charred scrap-metal. Cloud Nothings are the latest guests on AV Undercover, the show where bands cover quasi-random pop songs in the AV Club’s Chicago offices. But Cloud Nothings don’t exactly cover “Clocks.” Instead, they use keyboards to remix it live, transforming it into a grating pile of noise (meowing-cat sound effects very much included) while the room fills up with smoke. Depending on where you stand on Coldplay, you will either see it as an obnoxious stunt or as a deserved fuck-you to one of rock’s most pompous bands. Or both! Check out the Cloud Nothings version below.

Cloud Nothings’ new album Life Without Sound is out now on Carpark. After that cover, life without sound doesn’t sound too bad!