Kamaiyah – “Build You Up” Video

Right now, the young Oakland rap queen Kamaiyah is working on her new album Don’t Ever Get It Twisted, the follow-up to last year’s glorious mixtape A Good Night In The Ghetto. After a release-date pushback, we don’t yet know when the new album will come out. But Kamaiyah’s just shared a new single, a mostly-sung-not-rapped friendship anthem called “Build You Up.” With its uplifting message and its new jack swing beat, the song feels like a true throwback. And the video, from director Damien Sandoval, is just as much of a ’90s retro party, with its boomboxes and biker shorts and dancers and bright-yellow warmup suits. It’s also an impressive spectacle; Kamaiyah now has the sort of video budget where she can shut down streets in downtown Oakland. Check it out below.

Don’t Ever Get It Twisted is hopefully coming soon. “Build You Up” is out now at iTunes.