Ty Dolla $ign Says His Free TC Album Landed His Brother In Solitary Confinement

So far this year, Ty Dolla $ign has been featured on various songs helmed by big names. Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak, and Vince Staples all enlisted him for guest spots, and just yesterday the rapper debuted a new track called “Love U Better,” which features Lil Wayne and the Dream. The song will be on his forthcoming album, Beach House 3, which is due out sometime soon. The album follows Ty Dolla $ign’s debut Free TC and Campaign.

Ty Dolla $ign discussed Beach House 3 in an interview with The Guardian. There are a lot of anecdotes to be found in the piece, but the most interesting revelation surfaces midway through. Ty Dolla $ign makes a point to tell the interviewer that less emphasis will be placed on his older brother Big TC (for whom Free TC is named) on the new album. Big TC is in prison on a murder charge, and after his little brother’s debut album came out, Big TC received some unfavorable attention in prison and landed in solitary confinement, according to the rapper. Said Ty:

After Free TC, [Big TC] just got hella attention and something happened where it got back to them and he ended up getting locked in the hole for a long-ass time, so right now there isn’t a song on Beach House 3 with him.

Read the interview in full here.