White Reaper – “Highway Star” (Deep Purple Cover)

White Reaper – “Highway Star” (Deep Purple Cover)

Louisville rockers White Reaper give a no-holds-barred take on the electrifying 1972 Deep Purple hit “Highway Star” (a bonafide Guitar Hero staple) for an Amazon originals playlist called Open Road, coming out next month. The playlist features 30 covers of road-trip-ready songs and also includes the likes of Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Hamilton Leithauser.

White Reaper just came out with their second album The World’s Best American Band in April, and they inject that same energetic rock force into the already amply ferocious Deep Purple cut. The band had this to say about selecting their cover song for the compilation:

Choosing “Highway Star” was easy because we listen to it just about every day. Richie Blackmore is one of our favorite guitarists of all time, and Deep Purple is one of the coolest groups there ever was. Working with the folks at Amazon was absolutely seamless. Maybe we should be thanking them for giving us an excuse to cover one of our favorite songs.

Listen below.

Starting 8/4, Open Road will be available to stream on Amazon Music.

CREDIT: Lynn Millspaugh

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