Vic Mensa Takes Plea Deal, 2 Years Probation On Gun Charge

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is dodging jail time for a gun charge. Mensa reportedly took a plea deal in a concealed weapon case, and now faces two year’s probation.

The Roc Nation rapper was arrested back in February for carrying a concealed weapon without the proper permit after being pulled over in Beverly Hills for running a stop sign and having tinted windows. Mensa faced two separate charges of carrying a concealed firearm and carrying an unregistered loaded firearm.

Now, the district attorney’s office tells TMZ that Mensa has been sentenced to two year’s probation after pleading no contest to the first charge while the second has been dropped, allowing him to escape as much as two year’s jail time. Mensa will also be forced to pony up $500 plus $1,325 in restitution, TMZ reports. But with his debut album, The Autobiography, set to drop 7/28, it’s likely that coming up with the funds won’t be a problem for the artist.

This case wasn’t Mensa’s first run-in with police. Last August, the rapper claimed he fell victim to racial profiling after he and his friends spent $4,000 in a Barneys department store. The group were promptly stopped outside the store by policemen who incorrectly accused them of stealing.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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