Watch Lorde Sing “Perfect Places,” Talk About Loving The Terrible New York Subway On Seth Meyers

Lorde is fun to watch. She’s fun to watch when she’s singing and doing these spell-casting rap-hands gestures that make sense to nobody but her. And she’s fun to watch when she’s talking and exhibiting more friendly neurosis than any other pop star of her stature. Last night, she sang and talked on Seth Meyers. She sang “Perfect Places,” one of the grand ballads from her excellent new album Melodrama, and it was a fairly stripped-down rendition even though she had a tracksuit-wearing choir with her, just as she did when she sang the same song at the Much Music Video Awards. And during her interview with Meyers, she attempted to describe synesthesia, described producer Jack Antonoff as her “work husband,” and talked about how she still finds the New York subway “romantic” even though she recently got stuck on a train for four hours. Watch the performance and the interview below.

Melodrama is out now on Virgin/EMI.