Blanck Mass – “The Rat” Video

Benjamin John Power, one half of the duo Fuck Buttons, released his third experimental album World Eater under the moniker Blanck Mass this past March. Today, he drops a music video for the song “The Rat” — meanwhile, his Fuck Buttons cohort Andrew Hung announced his debut album, Realisationship. Both artists have taken new approaches in their separate projects, with Hung showcasing his vocals for the first time.

In the new video for “The Rat,” it aims to turn your ideas of the ordinary on their head. Power is shown on grainy film riding in a boat through what could only be the “It’s A Small World” attraction in Disneyworld. He stares blankly into the camera for the duration of the ride, and viewers are encouraged to not break eye contact with him. The only time the shot breaks is when footage of maggots pop onto the screen before quickly returning to the whimsical settings and spinning dolls shown around him.

“The video itself is a bit of fun and was filmed on a family vacation, but somehow I feel it represents discontent within a capitalist regime and a world full of sugar-coated sh*t,” Power said in the press release. See for yourself below.

World Eater is out now via Sacred Bones.