Terror Pigeon – “Chamber Of Secrets For 1″ Video

Terror Pigeon recreated the entirety of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets in hilariously low-budget fashion for their music video for “Chamber Of Secrets For 1,” a song off the project’s upcoming third full-length We Will Never Run Out of Love. Over the course of five minutes, Neil Fridd and friends take you through the events of Harry Potter’s second year at Hogwarts — from escaping the Dursley house via a Ford Anglia (turned here into a suburbs-appropriate Toyota Corolla) through adventures with the Whomping Willow, Polyjuice Potions, and big spiders, ending with a interpretative dance-battle with a basilisk. It’s filled with so many inside jokes and small details — the best of which may be Fawkes the phoenix being played by a CD of Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix — that make it so goofy and lovable and heartwarmingly fun, much like Terror Pigeon’s music itself. It’s a must-watch. You can do so below.

Here’s another song from the new Terror Pigeon album — it follows “Chamber Of Secrets For 1″ (above), “Friends” and “OtherSong“:

We Will Never Run Out Of Love is out 7/21. Pre-order it digitally here or on vinyl here.