RZA Produced Sounds Inspired By Chipotle Ingredients And You Can Make A Song Out Of Them Or Something

Chipotle and Wu-Tang’s RZA have partnered on a new promotional endeavor called SAVOR.WAVS. Chipotle customers can visit this website and “compose” a chipotle order; as you build their burrito bowl or whatever, each ingredient added will make a sound. RZA is credited as a producer on these sounds, which are meant to be a sonic embodiment of the freshness of each individual Chipotle ingredient. Once you’ve finished putting together your order, the composition will create a “stunning 360-degree visual experience that reacts in real-time to the movement of a mobile device.” Here’s a promo mix called “Corn Masa Flour.wav,” and you can listen to 51 other flavor stems on Chipotle’s SoundCloud.

I don’t really get it, but if someone wants to try this out and LMK what’s up in the comments below I’d really appreciate it!

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