Lost Horizons – “Frenzy, Fear” (Feat. Hilang Child)

Lost Horizons – “Frenzy, Fear” (Feat. Hilang Child)

“Oh panic always wins, oh how you always remind me,” sings Hilang Child in a high falsetto, delivering a chilling, almost divine performance alongside a simple piano progression on “Frenzy, Fear.” Lost Horizons is the work of Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde and Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas. We’ve already heard the first single “The Place We’ve Been” from their forthcoming album Ojalá. “Frenzy, Fear” follows in a somber but intoxicating pursuit. Raymonde said of the new single:

“Frenzy, Fear” was recorded in January this year. I thought I was close to finishing the album and decided I wanted to do some ambient piano + guitar pieces for a possible bonus disc, to show a different side to Lost Horizons. Warren Ellis of the Bad Seeds/Dirty Three told me about this wonderful piano in a small studio just outside Brighton where I live, where he and Nick Cave work a lot, and I took two days there with no ideas or tunes, just improvising and recording everything, warts and all. When i got home and listened back, these seemed more like proper songs than just noodlings, so the minute I started imaginging vocals I thought of Hilang Child (Ed Riman) as his voice is simply exquisite, and i knew he would get the vibe and the mood. What he did exceeded all my expectations though.

Listen below.

Ojalá is out 11/3 on Bella Union. Pre-order it here.

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