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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

In the early ’00s, Chester Bennington looked like the future. In Linkin Park videos, he’d gaze out over vast CGI landscapes, squinting his eyes, trying to make sense of the world he was seeing. His music was all about personal catharsis, but he seemed to have fun with music-video conventions, too; just a couple of months ago, he got himself into a postapocalyptic dunk contest in a video that also starred Pusha T, Stormzy, and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. But my enduring image of him will always be silhouetted in stage lights, surrounded by hands, screaming his heart out in Mark Romanek’s perfectly frill-free “Faint” video.

This week’s picks are below.

5. Chad VanGaalen – “Pine And Clover” (Dir. Chad VanGaalen)

VanGaalen is good at making songs and better at making head-twisting animated videos to go along with those songs. There’s a fascinating imagination at work here, coming up with images of alien life forms that aren’t cute or scary or relatable or, most of the time, even vaguely humanoid.

4. Vic Mensa – “Rage” (Dir. Andrew Donoho)

Vic Mensa: Good at rapping, better at surviving vividly rendered plane crashes. I hope the sequel has a smoke monster.

3. Terror Pigeon – “Chamber Of Secrets For 1″ (Dir. ?)

I honestly wasn’t aware that the Harry Potter series really needed a gritty reboot, especially this early, but this really gets at the dark soul of those books.

2. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Invisible Face” (Dir. Jason Galea & Joel Melrose)

Speaking as someone whose kids just started watching old episodes of Masters Of The Universe on Netflix: Those early-’80s adventure cartoons are weird as fuck, and I can’t imagine a band better-equipped to capture that weirdness.

1. Danny Brown – “Lost” (Dir. Matilda Finn)

I’ve never spent any time in a trap house, but I can’t imagine it’s a cool scene, the way a lot of videos would have you believe. This video is expressionistic and knowingly unreal, but I have to imagine it captures the frantic, dangerous feeling of those places better than most of what we’ve been sold.