ABRA Shares Three Songs

UPDATE: Whoops, never mind. These songs are NOT new. They’ve been on ABRA’s Bandcamp for a solid minute now. Apologies, guys. You should still listen!


Last year, the Atlanta DIY goth-soul star ABRA signed to True Panther and released a truly promising EP called Princess. Today, she’s followed that one up, not with a new EP or anything like that, but with four entirely separate new songs, all packaged on their own, with their own cover art. One of those is “Bounty,” a song that she already posted on SoundCloud back in December. But the other three — “Sick Girl,” “Diamonds & Gold,” and “Needsumbody” — are all entirely new. They’re sharp, skeletal songs, and they all make a case that ABRA is a sharp, inventive, tough-to-categorize artist, one who absolutely deserves your attention. Check out the three new songs below.

All three of those songs, along with “Bounty,” are out now, and they’re all self-released.

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