Watch Aminé & Offset’s Fun-As-Hell Seth Meyers Performance

Last year, the 23-year-old Portland rapper Aminé had a huge viral hit with the defiantly silly hornball jam “Caroline,” and he became one of this year’s XXL Freshmen last month. Later this week, he’ll release his debut album Good For You, which is a total joy, a way better record than anyone could’ve reasonably expected. And last night, he served as the musical guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers and made the most of it. He performed his latest single, the new laughing-at-my-exes anthem “Wedding Crashers,” and wore a powder-blue tux. He also had a doo-wop quartet, all of them in matching tuxes, backing him up, and a guy dressed like a priest onstage. When the song’s guest, Migos star Offset, showed up onstage, he was wearing the tuxedo pants but also a vest with no shirt and a whole lot of jewelry. The stagecraft was immaculate, and everyone involved seemed to be having a blast. Watch the performance below.

Good For You is out 7/28 on CBLN/Republic, and you should be excited about it.