Converge – “I Can Tell You About Pain” Video & “Eve”

Converge – “I Can Tell You About Pain” Video & “Eve”

We haven’t heard from Boston metalcore destroyers Coverge since they released their last album, the great All We Love We Leave Behind, back in 2012. (I gave that one Album Of The Week over Tame Imapala’s Lonerism, and I’d do it again.) Since then, the members of the band have stayed busy with a ton of different projects, including Wear Your Wounds, Mutoid Man, and Old Man Gloom, as well as Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish, Inc. label and Kurt Ballou’s ongoing work as the best producer in all of heavy music. But there’s nothing like Converge operating at full capacity, and now we’ve finally got that. Today, the band is back with a new two-song single, as well as a video, and they have lost none of their ferocity in the past five years.

As NPR reports, the band’s new 7″ includes two songs, the frantic “I Can Tell You About Pain” and the heavy, drawn-out “Eve,” the latter of which lasts nearly eight minutes. Both songs are punishing in very different ways, and “Eve” is just a monstrous epic, a song that demands to be heard. There’s also a video for “I Can Tell You About Pain,” with director Tony Wolski showing spooky happenings in the home of a milk-chugging young man. Watch the video and stream the 7″ below.

The new 7″ is out now digitally on Epitaph and physically on Deathwish, Inc.

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