Hear James Elkington Cover Three Kinks Songs For Lagniappe Sessions

Last month, the British-born, Chicago-based guitarist James Elkington released the lush, lovely singer-songwriter album Wintres Woma, one of the finest folk-rock LPs in recent memory. And now Elkington has recorded a few tracks for the Aquarium Drunkard’s Lagniappe Sessions series. The idea of the series is pretty simple: Artists cover songs that they love, in rich analog quality, and they write about why those songs matter to them. For Elkington’s part, he’s chosen three songs from the Kinks, and they’re all fairly deep cuts: the 1969 B-side “This Man He Weeps Tonight,” the 1966 album track “Too Much On My Mind,” and the 1970 song “Get Back In Line.” Elkington’s versions are all lovely, florid acoustic-guitar meditations, and you can hear them and read what Elkington has to say about them at the Aquarium Drunkard.

Wintres Woma is out now on Paradise Of Bachelors.