Emily Reo – “Charlie”

Last week, music publication The Le Sigh announced their third compilation made up of female-identifying and non-binary musicians, and today they’ve shared another selection from the comp, a new Emily Reo song called “Charlie.” It’s a demo version of a song that’ll appear on her upcoming album, and it’s a sweeping and touching ode to her cat who passed away last year. It’s the first we’ve heard from Reo since last fall’s “Spell” b/w “Stronger Swimmer” 7″, and you can listen to it and read some words from her about the track below.

Here’s Reo’s quote about the track:

Charlie is my kitten who died last summer. He was diagnosed suddenly with a rare terminal illness called FIP, and I wrote this song during his last week alive with him sitting on a chair next to me. I tried to express the universal feeling of loss, whether it be a friend, family member or pet, but I also tried to emphasize the ways in which our loved ones never leave us. After Charlie died, my partner Jack and I came up with a code to feel connected to him. If it was cloudy we decided he was feeling cozy and taking a nap, If it was clear or sunny we’d say he was awake and happy. Thunder = hungry, rain = drooling (of course). I started calling him my baby blue because that’s the sky when I imagine he is feeling his best. Jack and I co-produced this song, I did the mixing and it was mastered by Andrew Sardinha. My friend and bandmate Felix pointed out that the only thing I would write a love song about is a cat, so here I present to you — my ‘first love song’!

The Le Sigh Vol. III is out 8/4 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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