Young Jesus – “Green”

Los Angeles quartet Young Jesus released their sophomore album Grow / Decompose two years ago, and this fall they’ll be back with a self-titled follow-up. The album leads off with “Green,” a rolling melancholy rocker that makes the most of this band’s dynamic power. It’s basically just one chord progression repeating ad infinitum, but the band’s guitar-powered arrangement creates the sense of a rising tide that intensifies to a breaking point before cresting into gorgeous feedback. As for the subject matter, the band explains:

“Green” is an ode to living with contemporary anxiety and disassociation. Rather than turning away, it is about embracing the strange intimacies between objects and selves. Influenced by the writings of Timothy Morton, Donna Haraway, Wang An-Shih, and Hsieh Ling-Yun, Green looks to live in a world both uncomfortable and awe-inspiring, frightening and beautiful. There may be no solution, but there is always the hope of being with each other in this space and making-do with what we have.

Listen below.


01 “Green”
02 “River”
03 “Eddy”
04 “Under”
05 “Desert”
06 “Feeling”
07 “Storm”

Young Jesus is out 9/12 via Gigantic Noise. Pre-order it here.

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