What’d Matisyahu Do Now?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the reggae singer Matisyahu released a song called “King Without A Crown.” Eons later, he’s still a part of the discourse, often due to his bumbling public behavior.

For instance, after a series of disappointing performances last summer, a Matisyahu fan tagged him in a critical Facebook status update, in which she bemoaned the fact that one of her favorite artists had become a terrible performer. Matisyahu replied, “I’m not here to entertain you. I put my soul into what I do. Not everyone is capable of receiving the truth.” He then proceeded to call her baby “ugly as fuck,” which he later apologized for.

Long story short: Matisyahu is not always the most gracious performer. So, it comes as no huge surprise that Page Six is reporting he pushed two 13-year-old girls off stage at a private concert for the JCC’s Maccabi Games in Birmingham, AL over the weekend. A few attendees tweeted about the affair:

The JCC Association Of North America told Page Six the following about the incident: “We are disappointed and dismayed that our opening concert performer, Matisyahu, forcibly removed some of our teen participants from the stage, and we will cooperate with any police investigation. Violence is never acceptable … This is contrary to what we instill in our participants and in what we believe. We are relieved that the participants involved were not seriously injured.”

Matisyahu has yet to comment on the accusations. Hopefully his response is more thoughtful than “those girls were ugly as fuck.”

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