Patrick Carney Says Jon Bon Jovi Used Him To Avoid Talking To Chris Christie

My favorite thing about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — not that there are a lot of things to choose from, exactly — is his totally one-sided love affair with Bruce Springsteen. Christie is a huge Springsteen fanboy who has been to over 130 of his concerts, and Springsteen is totally open about his complete and utter disdain for Christie. It’s great. And now, we know that another legendary New Jersey rocker may have snubbed Christie, too.

In a interview with Vice News from December, as reports, the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney claims that Jon Bon Jovi once used him to avoid talking to Chris Christie. “I’ve met Bon Jovi once and it was actually at Howard Stern’s birthday party,” Carney said. “Chris Christie was in the room and Jon Bon Jovi came over and started talking to me, like really intensely. I was like, ‘Wow, why does Jon Bon Jovi want to talk to me?’ Then I realized it was just because he didn’t want to talk to Chris Christie.”

The Asbury Park Press reports that Christie and Bon Jovi did both attend Stern’s 2014 birthday party at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, and Christie introduced Bon Jovi onstage. But a representative for Christie insists that the story is false, telling Page Six, “The governor and first lady are personal friends with Jon and Dorothea. The story is completely ridiculous.”

Although Bon Jovi campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the last election, he does have a bit of a history with Christie. Bon Jovi donated $1 million to Mary Pat Christie’s Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and worked with Chris Christie to get Sayreville rezoned in the hurricane’s aftermath in 2013, and he’s allowed Christie to use his music at campaign stops. “My friendships are apolitical, and, yes, I absolutely gave him permission to use my songs,” he said last year.

So, did Jon Bon Jovi really use Patrick Carney to avoid talking to Chris Christie? We can only hope. But either way, you can watch Carney’s account below. (Thanks to reader Jeff for the tip.)