Watch Mac DeMarco Talk Guitar In A Video For Ernie Ball

Mac DeMarco appears in the latest video for guitar string company Ernie Ball’s String Theory, a series in which musicians talk about their relationships and approaches to guitar. “I never thought I would do the music thing. Never wanted to play guitar when I was a kid,” Mac begins. “Got a family full of musicians, very unappealing. I was like, screw that, I’m not doing that…And then I picked one up one day while my friends were playing. Turned out I could do it a little bit, it was interesting, right around the same time I got into all the classic rock stuff you get into as a young man. Yeah, got hooked. You start off with the one string thing, it’s like, ‘Aw hell yeah.’ I learned ‘Smoke On The Water’ on just the low E string.” He goes on to discuss his songwriting process, how he developed his sound, and his love of Ernie Ball strings, jamming in the background the whole time. Watch below.

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