Stereogum Is Doing A Reddit AMA Tomorrow

Hey everyone! The Stereogum staff will be doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow (8/8) at 2PM EST over on r/indieheads. If you have any burning questions about how we operate or what music we like or anything at all, now is your chance to ask them. (Or you can ask us in the comments section any time! We’re here for you. But ask us over there so we look cool.) Your hosts for the day will be DJ Scott “The Drop” Lapatine (Founder/Editor-In-Chief), DJ Chris DeVinyl (Senior News Editor), DJ Gabriela Tully PlayMore (Assistant Editor), and DJ Jams Rettig (Staff Writer) — s/o to our commenter monkeyridinghorse for those, minus the last one which is all my own — and we’ll be around all afternoon to talk to you about whatever you want. You run the show! We’ll be answering questions from u/stereogum_staff. Head on over to Reddit to prep — we’ll see you at 2PM EST! :)