Todd Haynes Directing Velvet Underground Documentary

There’s a new Velvet Underground documentary in the works that will be directed by Todd Haynes, best known for Carol and Far From Heaven. Per Variety, the director talked about the project at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, and it sounds like it’s still in the early development stages. “[It] will rely certainly on [Andy] Warhol films but also a rich culture of experimental film, a vernacular we have lost and we don’t have, [and that] we increasingly get further removed from,” he told Variety. He also said that he aims to interview the surviving members of the band and other figures from the ’60s. This is Haynes’ first documentary, but some of his past films — 2007’s I’m Not There and 1998’s Velvet Goldmine — were narratives centered around music, respectively inspired by Bob Dylan and glam rock, and he once made a must-see biopic about Karen Carpenter using only Barbie dolls.

The Velvet Underground & Nico turned 50 years old earlier this year.