Latest Twin Peaks Episode Dedicated To David Bowie, Who Reappeared Via Archival Footage

Crucial to the plot of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks sequel series Twin Peaks: The Return has been the unlikely character of Phillip Jeffries, one of the select few FBI agents involved with the “Blue Rose” task force who mysteriously disappeared and reappeared in the late 1980s. Jeffries was originally played by David Bowie in the Twin Peaks film Fire Walk With Me.

A number of scenes in the new show indicate that the agent is alive and well, and working on a plot centering around “Evil Coop” and the infamous green ring. In last night’s episode, Bowie’s character surfaced during FBI director Gordon Cole’s (David Lynch) description of a bizarre and revelatory dream he had featuring Monica Bellucci. In the sequence, Lynch integrated the footage of Bowie from Fire Walk With Me, rather than recasting the role or integrating new material. At the end of the credits, there is a note dedicating the episode to Bowie’s memory.

In an interview from last year with the Dallas News, Harry Goaz (Andy) mentioned that Bowie was intended to return to the series for a “cameo,” but was unable to prior to his passing. It seems like this may be the solution. Watch Part 14 of The Return here, and the Bowie sequence Lynch borrowed from below.

This article originally appeared on Spin.