Taylor Swift Testimony Inconsistent In Groping Trial, Says DJ’s Lawyer During Closing Arguments

Jeff Kandyba/AP

Taylor Swift Testimony Inconsistent In Groping Trial, Says DJ’s Lawyer During Closing Arguments

Jeff Kandyba/AP

A lawyer for the former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift told jurors Monday that the pop star’s account is inconsistent with the testimony of every other member of her team. As the pop star cried in federal court during closing arguments, he questioned why Swift was smiling in a photo taken at the time she said the alleged assault took place.

“Look at Ms. Swift’s face. Is that the face of someone who’s in shock, who is upset?” Gabriel McFarland, representing former country station DJ David Mueller, said while showing the photograph from before a 2013 concert with Mueller and Swift together that Swift has said was taken the moment she he grabbed hear backside.

Swift, who testified forcefully last week, cried and wiped her face as her mother, Andrea Swift, touched her right leg. Her lawyer also rubbed her back. Andrea Swift also touched her daughter’s hand as McFarland said the photograph meant nothing.

McFarland also told jurors that Mueller immediately asked someone to call the police when he was confronted by security guards about the alleged groping at a backstage meet-and-greet at Denver’s Pepsi Center.

“That’s not the type of guy who grabs or gropes a superstar, apparently out of the blue,” he said.

He also cast doubt on the claim of Swift security guard Greg Dent that he saw Mueller touch Swift while the photo was shot but did not act because he did not think she was in danger.

McFarland said photographer who took the image “started it all” by pulling a photo of Mueller and his girlfriend with Swift from dozens she took during the event and showing it to Swift, who identified Mueller as the person who touched her.

Swift’s attorney, Douglas Baldridge, told jurors that Swift is standing up for all women and saying, “No means no.”

He characterized Mueller as an aggressor and asked jurors: “Will aggressors like David Mueller be allowed to victimize their victims?”

Citing Swift’s counterclaim alleging assault and battery, Baldridge asked jurors to “return a verdict for a single dollar, a single symbolic dollar, the value of which is immeasurable to all women in this situation.”

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