Lady Gaga Is Polling Her Fans On Whether Donald Trump Is Racist

Lady Gaga needs your help figuring out whether the president of the United States Of America, Donald Trump, is a racist. Her inquiry comes after the president gave an impromptu press conference yesterday that once again addressed the violent acts of terror that transpired in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. During the appalling and, at times, bafflingly incoherent press conference, Trump coined the term “alt-left” in reference to counter-protestors and essentially said that some people who joined the mob of white supremacists were not, in fact, white supremacists. He also defended his “good man” Steve Bannon who is absolutely 100% a racist white supremacist.

In response to this maddening day in US history, Lady Gaga polled her followers on Twitter:

… and the results are not great. There are loads of MAGA stans in Gaga’s mentions, and it’s likely that a good number of those voting “no” are not, in fact, Little Monsters. This poll does not need to exist, and here’s why:

When people responded to Gaga’s poll suggesting that putting the issue to a vote may not be the best use of the pop star’s resources, she replied with the following:

Lady Gaga is a wealthy white woman who has an abundance of resources at her disposal. If she wants to be a “productive ally,” perhaps she can start using some of those resources to help pay Takiya Thompson’s legal fees, as many people have already suggested.