Ariana Grande Responds To Complaints About Her First-Ever Korean Show

It’s almost comforting that a story about an Ariana Grande live show can now, once again, revolve around dumb stuff, rather than the horrific terrorist attack at her Manchester show earlier this year. Earlier this week, Grande played a show at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome, the first show she’d ever done in South Korea. And apparently, some fans weren’t too thrilled with the show. But it’s not her performance itself that rankled those fans. It’s the idea that she didn’t seem that psyched to be in South Korea.

UPI reports on some of those complaints: Grande only arrived in Seoul a few hours before the show, she left soon after, and she didn’t give herself time to rehearse in the venue. Between songs, she didn’t talk to fans too much. She didn’t acknowledge that she was performing on South Korea’s Liberation Day. For entirely understandable security reasons, her team didn’t allow anyone to photograph the show. Basically, some people in South Korea seemed to be mad that they got the same Ariana Grande show that everyone else gets.

As NME reports, Grande responded to those complaints on Twitter last night, writing that every show is special to her and posting a video of people in the crowd at the Seoul show:

Have the people of South Korea never seen a just-OK pop show before? Leave Ariana alone!