Straight To Video

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Music videos were good this week. The rest of the world was absolute fucking trash, but music videos were good. Consider: Foxygen made an eight-minute video, and I watched the whole thing even though I don’t like Foxygen’s music at all. I watched the whole thing because it was good. It wasn’t good enough to make this week’s list, though. This week’s picks are below.

5. LCD Soundsystem – “Tonite” (Dir. Joel Kefali)

A straight-up performance video, very low on frills, that works because it lets you see all the painstaking work that goes into constructing an LCD track. Also, the lights are pretty.

4. Shabazz Palaces – “Shine A Light” (Feat. Thaddillac) (Dir. Neil Ferron)

What a strange, absurd, vivid vision. At first, I thought it was some kind of allegory. But no: I’m pretty sure it’s just about the sacrifice of some kind of goat/chicken creature at a kids’ wedding.

3. M83 – “Do It, Try It” (Dir. David Wilson)

A lovely tribute to the power of imagination, as exemplified by a cartoon bunny in sunglasses who smashes up a shitty fast-food joint.

2. Pet Symmetry – “Stare Collection” (Dir. Emulsion)

A goofy, genuine, heartwarming look at the whole band-reunion phenomenon, starring the actual dads of the dudes in the band. I giggled delightedly when the song dropped out and you got to hear what the dads were actually playing on those instruments.

1. Queens Of The Stone Age – “The Way You Used To Do” (Dir. Jonas Åkerlund)

A straight-up, no-qualifiers necessary classic music video. It bears mentioning that Josh Homme is a 44-year-old rock dude. Imagine the levels of swagger it took to pull this off. (The Apple Music exclusive thing is an undeniable pain in the ass, but the 90-second preview gives you a pretty good idea of the whole vision. Still, seek out the complete thing if you can.)